Teen Idols Of The 70's

The best teen stars of the 1970's!

Teen Idols Of The 70's - The best teen stars of the 1970's!

Leif Garrett in Skateboard

Skateboard is a 1978 movie that, no surprise, was all about skateboarding.


Leif is pretty much the only guy in the movie you probably would recognize unless you are a pretty big skateboarding fan.  Then you would know Tony Alva who was on the original Z-Boys and was featured in the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.

The movie is pretty much just about this creepy looking Hollywood agent who owes big money to a bookie, and to pay him off he creates a skateboarding team out of some kids he sees boarding on the street.  Leif doesn’t have a real big part in the movie, not really getting much to do at all until about the last 20 minutes of the movie when he has to become the star of the team.  There are alot of skating montages in the movie which is probably understandable because I think skateboarding was a pretty new phenomenon then!

Skateboard is definitely not a big budget movie, and the direction is pretty horrid at times.  (It apparently was written by Dick Wolf, of Law & Order fame!)  I’m not sure if they had direct-to-video back then, but this probably was if they did. It is fun to watch though, because it is just SO 1970’s!  From the cars, the hair, the open shirts and long almost knee-high socks, the old-school Pepsi can to Leif’s tiny shorts and everything else!

Radames Pera

I always liked the actors who were a little less well-known and didn’t necessarily have their pictures all over every magazine.  I like actors like Lance Kerwin and Jimmy McNichol, but I always liked the lesser known guys who were on TV alot yet not in all the big magazines.

Like Radames Pera!  He is probably best known for playing “Grasshopper”, Caine as a young student, in the show Kung Fu.


The term “grasshopper” is pretty much a part of the English language now referring to someone who has alot to learn about something.  But, it was Radames who played him!

Some might also remember him as John Edwards on the series Little House On The PrairiePera004

He was one of Mary’s first love interests on the show.  John was the sensitive son of Isaiah Edwards (Victor French) who didn’t share his father’s love of outdoor activities common then like hunting.

Besides Kung Fu, Radames guest-starred on ALOT of TV shows throughout the 70’s.  Some of the shows he appeared on both before and after Kung Fu include: Family Affair, Dan August, Cannon, Night Gallery, The Waltons, Hawaii Five-0, Marcus Welby, and Six Million Dollar Man.

Radames’ first television appearance was on the first episode of the show Medical Center in 1969.  He played a young kid with a broken arm who plays checkers in the end of the episode with O.J. Simpson!  O.J. played a college football star from USC who ignores some serious health warnings to play and hopefully win the Heisman Trophy.

Here’s a little gallery of Radames in his first TV appearance in Medical Center!

Jimmy Baio Again

I have to admit, I never watched an episode of Soap when it was originally on – I was a bit young.  I do kind of remember watching Benson when I was a young kid, but had no idea at all that it was a spin-off of Soap!

I have seen a few episodes now as a (sort of) adult, and can see now the ground-breaking aspects of it.  Particularly the satire.  And of course, that brings me to Jimmy Baio!  I never was a big fan of Scott Baio’s at all, and never really knew who Jimmy Baio was other than the annoying cocky kid from Bad News Bears In Breaking Training – who couldn’t pitch!

He was good in Soap, though!  I am going to try and catch some more episodes and get some captures of Jimmy from the show, but until then, here are some more pics of Jimmy from the late 70’s magazines!

Jimmy McNichol in Black And White

Like I did with Lance Kerwin a few weeks ago… black and white pics are the thing today.

That is one of the nostalgic things I like about old magazines from the 70’s, the black and white pics.  They weren’t always the best quality, and everyone always liked the color pinups a lot more, but it is nice to look back now at those old mags and see the b&w pics too.

Here are some of one of my favorite stars from the 70’s… Jimmy McNichol!


Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight of course is best known for playing Peter Brady on the show The Brady Bunch.

Peter has some good moments on the series, particularly when he tries to get a different personality and starts talking like Humphrey Bogart.  That got him probably his most remembered line of “Pork chops and applesauce.”

After the Brady Bunch, he is probably thought of for his appearances on the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life and his own reality show My Fair Brady.  My favorite post-Brady appearance though, was when he and Barry Williams played a gay couple who moved in the Forman’s neighborhood on an episode of That’s 70’s Show.

Shaun Cassidy

I have been watching a few episodes of The Hardy Boys from the late 70’s that Shaun starred in.  It was a little before my time to see when it was originally on, so I’m catching up!

It actually isn’t too bad!  I like alot of 70’s shows, but some obviously hold up better than others.  Some are good for nostalgia value, but Hardy Boys actually held my attention for awhile too.

You have to get your head in the right place first though.  A lot of people will watch shows like this and roll their eyes comparing them to shows of today, and of course with that mindset they will seem cheesy as hell!  I like to watch them with that kind of nostalgic factor going, kind of like watching some old Disney movies!

So watching the show made me think of Shaun, so here’s some more pics from the ‘ol days!


Robby Benson

Robby Benson was a popular actor throughout the 70’s.  He kind of made a specialty out of playing in coming-of-age type movies.

Three of the best are Jory, Jeremy, and Ode To Billy Joe.  That last one in particular is a really good movie, based on the song.  In it, Robby plays Billy Joe McAllister who jumps of the Tallahatchie Bridge after having drunken sex with an another man.  There is obviously more to the story so check out the movie!

Robby went on to make a bunch of TV movie throughout the 70’s including Remember When, Virginia Hill, Death Be Not Proud, The Last Of Mrs. Lincoln, The Death Of Richie, and Our Town.

In the late 70’s and into the early 80’s Robby returned to the big screen in some of his most well-known roles including the movie Ice Castles and The Chosen.

Robby went on to directing and also became a professor at New York University and other colleges.

Rad Daly

To be honest, I couldn’t really decide if Rad Daly belonged with the 70’s stars or the 80’s stars.


He got his start acting in the late 70’s, but he did alot in the early 80’s as well.  But, anyway I’m putting him here!

Besides having one of the coolest names for an actor, Rad got his start in 3 movies in 1979: North Dallas 40, 10, and When Hell Was In Session.  He also starred in the short-lived TV series The Bad News Bears that lasted about a season from ’79 to early 1980.  This got him some teen magazine notice, along with co-stars Meeno Peluce and Billy Jacoby (now Billy Jayne).

Rad kept on going in 1980 appearing in two Disney TV movies:  The Kids Who Knew Too Much and Ghosts Of Buxley Hall.  Both aired as part of the Wonderful World Of Disney anthology show that brings back alot of good memories!

He went on to star in the television series Walking Tall that was based on the movies.  As the 80’s went on, Rad appeared in a few TV movies and also made guest-appearances on the series The Love Boat, Simon & Simon, and Mr. Belvedere.

By 1986 Rad seemed to disappear from the scene with the exception of some period work like the 1995 movie Crimson Tide, the 2000 movie Shanghai Noon, and The A-Team in 2010.

Matthew Laborteaux

Matthew is known for playing Albert Quinn Ingalls on Little House.  Albert was a thief kid who was adopted by the Ingalls family and had a crazyass life in rural Minnesota!

He was the character who ran away 4 or 5 times, his first girlfriend was messed up because she got raped by the town blacksmith, he got addicted to morphine, and eventually got some weird blood disorder that was going to kill him.

The first reunion movie Little House: Look Back To Yesterday in 1983 dealt alot with the end of Albert’s life.  It gave Matthew some good acting moments including the “live every day to the fullest” type speech.

Pretty crazy life for a kid growing up in the 1870’s in the rural midwest!  But, that was television in the 70’s!

Mike Lookinland

Bobby was definitely my favorite Brady kid.  Probably because I was about the same age as Bobby was when I first saw The Brady Bunch in reruns.


Mike is best known for playing Bobby on The Brady Bunch… and then in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Brady Girls Get Married, A Very Brady Christmas, and in the 1990 drama series The Bradys!

Besides The Brady Bunch, Mike also appeared in the feature film Towering Inferno, the TV movies The Boy From Dead Man’s Bayou, and Dead Men Tell No Tales.

He also made a guest appearance on Little House On The Prairie with Melissa Sue Anderson.


A few years before, Melissa appeared in one of my favorite Brady Bunch episodes “Never Too Young” as Millicent.  This is the episode where Bobby gets his first kiss from Millicent and sees fireworks.

Like many young stars of the 70’s, and other times too, Mike has had his troubles with alcohol after his acting career slowed.  He has been pretty open about his troubles post-Brady Bunch, but now he makes his living building concrete counter tops in Utah.

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