Teen Idols Of The 70's

The best teen stars of the 1970's!

Teen Idols Of The 70's - The best teen stars of the 1970's!

Shaun Cassidy

I have been watching a few episodes of The Hardy Boys from the late 70’s that Shaun starred in.  It was a little before my time to see when it was originally on, so I’m catching up!

It actually isn’t too bad!  I like alot of 70’s shows, but some obviously hold up better than others.  Some are good for nostalgia value, but Hardy Boys actually held my attention for awhile too.

You have to get your head in the right place first though.  A lot of people will watch shows like this and roll their eyes comparing them to shows of today, and of course with that mindset they will seem cheesy as hell!  I like to watch them with that kind of nostalgic factor going, kind of like watching some old Disney movies!

So watching the show made me think of Shaun, so here’s some more pics from the ‘ol days!


Shaun Cassidy

Shaun is the half-brother of 70’s superstar David Cassidy.  He had a pretty successful career of his own in the late 70’s as both an actor and pop star.


He was born September 27, 1958 in Los Angeles, California.  His mother is actress Shirley Jones, who starred in the series The Partridge Family alongside his half-brother David.

As an actor, Shaun is best known for starring as Joe Hardy in the television series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries from 1977-79.  He also appeared in the movies Born Of Water, Like Normal People, and the 1980 series Breaking Away.

Shaun was equally popular as singer, releasing his first self-titled album in Europe and Australia in 1976.  After some success there, it was released in the US in 1977.  He had a number one hit from that album “Da Doo Ron Ron”, and was nominated for a Grammy as “Best New Artist”.

His next two albums were successful as well, but his popularity began to fade as the years went on.

Shaun became a television writer and producer in the 90’s and was responsible for recreating some really interesting series.  Some of the shows Shaun created or was executive producer of include American Gothic (which I loved!), Roar (Heath Ledger’s first appearance in the United States), Cover Me, Invasion, and Ruby & The Rockits.

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